Franco-Thai Scholarship Program
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The Franco-Thai scholarship is granted for the period necessary to obtain the degree: one or two years for a Master’s Degree and three years for a PhD.

In case of co-supervision, the scholarship will only be granted for the periods spent in France.

If the curriculum requires some course works which will take place outside France, the scholarship will be suspended during that period.

The Franco-Thai scholarship program offers two types of scholarships:

Full scholarship:

The full scholarship benefits include:
- A monthly allowance;
- A roundtrip ticket;
- Social protection;
- Advantages as the French government's grant holder.

Social Protection Scholarship/Bourse de Couverture Sociale:

Social Protection Scholarship or “Bourse de Couverture Sociale” gives access to a specific status, enabling candidates to benefit from social protection in France and other specific advantages (priority given on accommodation, exemption of tuition fees for some public higher education institutions’ program,...). The “Bourse de Couverture Sociale” can only be granted if a cost-sharing agreement insures a monthly allowance to the scholar, since it will not be provided by the Franco-Thai program for this type of scholarship.


Both Master and PhD Applicants are highly encouraged to look for other sources of funding not only from his/her own local or foreign university but also from private sector. A specific attention will be given to academic applicants who have found other sources of funding for their project.
Some doctoral schools ask for a higher monthly income than the monthly allowance granted by this scholarship program. Students applying to those doctoral schools have to check and coordinate with the French laboratory or doctoral school to secure additional funding.

Tuition fees

Please note that the Franco-Thai Scholarship Program does not cover tuition fees.
For some Master’s taught in French at a public university and for PhD programs, being a scholar of the French Government will entail that the tuition fees will be lifted. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check the amount of the tuition fees for the program he/she is applying to.

In order to identify grant recipients, the selection committee will consider:
The candidate’s skills and merit as borne out by his/her academic record and professional background;
   - The quality of the study plan. Contacts with the Master’s degree or thesis supervisors and progress of the project submitted will also be taken into account;
   - The strong and firm interest of the candidate in pursuing studies with regards to his/her previous studies and professional project;
   - The level of proficiency in foreign languages (French or English) and its adequacy with the intended curriculum;
   - Other sources of funding to support the project;
- For PhDs applicants, the selection committee will favor PhDs under joint supervision and commitment of Thai and French supervisors will be decisive.

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"I had an amazing experience in Toulouse"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for a scholarship from a Franco–Thai program if I am enrolling in a program taught in English?

Yes, if you enrol in a program offered by any French Higher Education Institution and if your application meets eligibility criteria.

Is there any set quota on number of scholarships granted?

No, there is no specific quota. For the 2023 program, around 24 new scholarships were granted.

Is there any set distribution of scholarships by field of studies?

No, only the best applications are selected, regardless of the field of studies. All fields of studies are encouraged. Every application and project will benefit from a specific attention.

How can I find Master programs or advisors in France?

The database of Campus France provides a large number of programs and PhD thesis topics through the following link: France team can also help you figure out which programs might be more coherent with your study and career plans.

Under the scholarship program, is it possible to apply for more than one university in France?

Yes, in condition that their curriculum is the same. For example, when the applicant of the Franco-Thai scholarship Program uses the proof of contact with University A and B for Master program in Education, it is necessary to explain the similarity of their program and identify his/her first choice of University in the motivation letter.

May I apply for the Franco - Thai scholarship program even if I am not a graduate yet?

Yes, but only if you are currently in your last year of Bachelor at university for a Master  scholarship or in your last year of Master level for a PhD scholarship. You will just need to enclose the attestation of your current enrolment in your university; and if possible your latest semester academic records.

Among the criteria mentioned, which are the most decisive in the awarding of the scholarship?

Every criterion (excellence of the candidate, quality of the study plan, motivation of the candidate, level of proficiency in foreign languages) is decisive.

What is included in a full scholarship?

The scholarship provides a monthly allowance to pursue studies in France. It also includes social protection coverage for the whole stay in France, priority for student housing and a round trip to France.

What is the difference between a “Bourse de Couverture Sociale” and a Full Scholarship?

A “Bourse de Couverture Sociale” gives right to the social protection coverage for the whole stay in France and priority via Campus France on student housing. A “Bourse de Couverture Sociale” can only be granted if the student benefits from a cost-sharing partner who will support the monthly allowance for the whole, or part of, the period of studies in France. A Full Scholarship includes an additional monthly allowance.

What is the amount of the monthly allowance provided?

The maximum allowance granted is 860 Euros per month for Master's degree and 1 500 euros per month for PhD.

Does the Franco-Thai Scholarship Program cover tuition fees?

No. Tuition fees are not covered by the Franco-Thai Scholarship Program. Nevertheless, the status of scholar of the French Government entails that tuition fees for some master taught in French and some PhD in public universities are defrayed.

What is a cost-sharing agreement?

A scholarship can be co-financed by a private company or a foreign or local institution for both Master's degree and PhD. Different patterns of cost-sharing can be put into place depending on the nature of the relationship between the student and the co-funding institution. Local and foreign universities can participate in this scheme in funding fully or partly the monthly allowance.

My doctoral school asks for a minimum funding of 1 500 euros per month. But I get some funding from my institution only 1 000 euros per month for my PhD study. Is it possible to ask for additional funding from the Franco-Thai Scholarship Program to cover the minimum requirement?

Yes, it is possible to ask for additional funding from our Program.You can indicate this request in your application.

My doctoral school asks for a minimum funding of 1 700 euros per month. The Franco-Thai Scholarship Program provides the maximum allowance of 1 500 euros per month. What should I do?

Since 2011, some doctoral schools ask for a minimum income for PhD students to enrol in their programs. This required income may be higher than the maximum grant of our program. Thus, you should discuss with your future advisor in order to look for other sources of funding. It is highly recommended for PhD students to look for co-funding scheme. However, this co-funding scheme cannot combine with the work contract with French companies or institutions.

How can I find the co-funding institutions?

You can ask your future advisor to help you find the funding. You can also look for other source of funding from the private sector. Some universities and doctoral schools in France can provide research funding for PhD projects. It is necessary to provide a proof of co-funding. All kinds of cost sharing scheme are welcome.

If I receive some financial support from my employer to pursue my study in France, is it possible to apply for Franco-Thai Scholarship to get the additional funding?

Yes, it is possible to apply for this scholarship. The cost-sharing scheme can be discussed later.

Which level of proficiency in foreign languages is required in order to obtain a scholarship from the French Embassy?

The level of proficiency required should be consistent with the program to be followed.

May I submit an application if the enrolment or selection process in France is not completed yet?

Yes. If the enrolment attestation cannot be provided for the submission of the application to the scholarship program, the applicant can include proofs of contact such as mails or e-mails between the university in France and the candidate instead.

May I submit an application when the university in France requires the obtaining of the graduate degree before carrying out the enrolment procedure?

If an enrolment attestation cannot be provided for the submission, the application file must include e-mail exchange between the host university in France and the candidate. The university in France could also send an enrolment attestation conditional to the success of the candidate in his/her examinations.

Should I apply to the first or the second year of the Master Degree?

Due to the difference between French and Thai academic frame regarding the length of the Bachelor Degree, Thai students who got their Bachelor degree in Thailand can apply directly to the second year of a Master Degree in France (M2). Admission to the second year of a Master Degree is under the authority of the selected Higher Education institution.In some cases, an admission to the first year of the Master Degree may be more appropriate due to various reasons: global level of the training, content of the classes to be attended, specialities of the program etc.

What form should the presentation of the personal project take?

The presentation of the personal project should supply the selection committee with key elements in order to help assessing the candidate’s choices in terms of university, curriculum, research subject with regards to his/her previous studies. Besides, this presentation should clearly highlight the candidate’s motivation. There are no specific requirements regarding the format of this presentation.